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The mission of the One Dollar Book Project is to help children in low-income neighborhoods understand the value of reading by making high quality books accessible. We are a non for-profit venture planning to change the way these kids will see literature and books.

We accomplish this by acquiring publishers’ excess inventory, which would otherwise be destroyed, and selling the books for $1 a piece through our school programs. Visiting our mobile bookseller truck, children will learn that books have a value equal or higher than other items they usually purchase with a dollar, as well as the importance of preserving our natural resources. They will also gain confidence in making their own choices through the selection and review of books.

It all started when...

... we tried to reconcile the waste that occurs in the publishing industry with the low literacy rates in the United States. How could it be that so many books were being destroyed every year when so many children had limited exposure to reading material?

By connecting publishers' excess inventory with schools through our mobile bookseller truck, we are looking to fill the gap between book destruction and the children in need. One Dollar Book Project is committed to improving literacy and increasing the potential for kids to thrive as young adults.

We are:

Guilherme Pinheiro - Content & Creative Manager

Miguel Tenreiro-Calvo - Logistic & Operations Manager

Beatriz Monteiro - Visual Manager

Dora Xu - Visual and Design Assistant