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Guilherme Martins Pinheiro

I have always loved books. My passion for pages led to me to the practice of law, a job that required me to immerse myself in the written word.

After nearly 20 successful years as a corporate lawyer for top Brazilians law firms and companies, I decided to redirect my career. I attended New York University to pursue a Master of Science in Publishing. It was during these studies that I learned about the many books that are wasted in inventory management, without any real return to the industry or to society. Considering the lack of adequate education for low-income children in the United States, this practice didn’t make sense. I saw two problems that could be fixed with one solution – and the One Dollar Book Project was born.

My goal is for One Dollar Book Project to close the gap between books and lower-income children, giving them the opportunity to thrive and live a life full of culture and knowledge.

I want to nourish the value of the books for all children and to give them the opportunity to thrive and perceive a life full of culture and knowledge.

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Miguel Tenreiro-Calvo

Originally, my plans were to become a teacher. But sometimes, our plans and our paths are not always aligned.

I pursued a degree in computer engineering in Spain, believing that the highly competitive curriculum in mathematics and science would lead me to a successful teaching career.

However, in 2007, we moved to London when my wife’s been transferred for a new job position. There, the biggest challenge of my life was born: my first son. My second was born in 2011, and as the increased commitments of my wife’s law career kept her away from home I suddenly found myself a full-time dad. Because of this opportunity, I was able to engage in many activities with my kids and saw first hand how important reading was for children, from fiction to history to how to play a sport or conduct a science experiment.

When we returned to New York in 2013, I decided to pursue my original dream of working with children, although it took a form different than what I had imagined. I joined One Dollar Book Project, as its mission aligns with my interests in children’s literacy and allows me to improve the lives of children by making culture more accessible.