Help Public Schools with a new program

We will bring our mobile booksellers at no cost to schools and will help improve the learning of their students. Our project is built to make children notice that books are valuable and that they can own good quality content.   

A day in the truck

Every half an hour we will bring one class to have: first an immersive experience explaining the project and the benefits of reading to thrive in society, than a generous space for them to experiment and get to know all the titles we carry on the mobile bookseller, and finally the purchase of wonderful books for $1 (the Panda Dollar) that will bring them the idea of ownership.

For everybody

The project wants to benefit all children in need and we will be offering a number of Panda Dollars to be distributed between each class as well as the other Panda Dollars that will be sold regularly. This will allow the teachers to use the project in their regular program, as a mean to get real credit for a good work done.