The Project





Our mission is to improve literacy rates in low-income neighborhoods while providing publishers with a more productive option for managing excess inventory:

  • We will remove substantial quantities of excess, unwanted inventories of children’s books from publishers’ warehouses at a cost that is lower than the current costs to pulp; and

  • we will re-sell these books at a very low price to children in need, thus helping to create a future market of avid readers from a group who otherwise may not value reading as adults.

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Publishers destroy millions of brand new children’s books every year as they struggle to maintain sufficient warehouse space for continuing operations. Our removal and redistribution services will assist both publishers in managing inventory and low-income public schools in increasing literacy.

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An Immersive Experience


Our specially designed, self-sustainable mobile bookseller trucks will act as a mean for warehousing books, as well as an interactive educational experience for children.

Each truck will be a sponsorship opportunity and will promote an appropriate brand with a targeted marketing campaign.

Our collaborator and architect James Ramsey from Raad Studio draw the design in pro bono and we are so thankful to him and his team.